Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to Do When Your Home Is Not Selling

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Seriously... selling your home is a process that's almost like going to a job interview. One of the key factors to determine the outcome is Presentation. In the world of real estate, presentation is a way of life. To the potential buyer, it's almost as important as location. As discriminating as buyers are in today's market, it's important to understand that many of them base their final decision upon how the home has been presented.

The first thing the potential buyers note is your lawn. If your lawn is trimmed and well-nurtured, he will immediately sense a good impression about your home. On the other hand, if your lawn is a wreck, it is possible he may not want to view your home. His judgment on the exterior of your home may cloud the event of walking around the interior. To give the best impression to the buyer, put some thought into how things look. Consider planting flowers around the walkway and throughout the yard. As spring approaches, you'll find all sorts of potted plants and flowers which would also give your front a quick spruce and look great.

Make sure that the access into your home introduces a positive and welcoming feel. The front door should be in great shape and the entry area should be clean and free of clutter.

You can also add some plants, paintings, and rugs within the entry way, to ensure that your buyer gets a good impression. As the buyer walks in, he should feel comfortable and you want him to keep walking through.

Do your best to highlight the best features of your home, instead of hoping the buyer will find them. The ideal way to bring out the best features of your home is to use the proper lighting. As you thoroughly clean your home, use lighting as a way to bring out those best features - inside and out.

One good example would be highlighting the mantel over the fireplace. If you don't have a light over the fireplace, add a beautiful framed print and place a picture frame light on it. No fireplace in your home? That's not a problem. Your home has another focal point - all homes do. Many homes have some truly outstanding features.

What's your favorite spot? What drew you to your home? Think about it? As you clean the house, give special treatment to that particular area or areas. Paint it in another color or simply add basic furniture, such a chair, table and of course, a lamp.

A nice plant subtlety placed in a normally drab spot would also do wonders to a home.

If your property has a garage, attic or even a basement, take the time to go through them before you sell your home. Chances are that you’ve stored things in one of those areas, which can easily pile up over time before you realize it. If these areas are in disarray, tidy them up. Buyers look for homes that are in perfect condition and anything less than perfect will look bad in the eyes of the buyer and they may take it off of their list for consideration.

As buyers walk through a home, they need to mentally place themselves within each room, nook, and cranny of it. They need to sense themselves living there. In order to help them, your home should be clean, easy to walk through and free of clutter. When possible, consider removing very personal elements of the home during showings. Since you're preparing to sell your home, packing up such items would help you to begin the mental process of seeing your home sell.

Potential buyers love to preview homes before they walk through it. When The Marcus Rice Team lists your home, we display online pictures and video to increase their eagerness of taking a personal tour. Give them more than they bargained for during their visit by offering the best presentation of your home.

Keep in mind that although it may take some time to sell your home, as most homes these days are on the market longer, you will eventually sell your home. If you are still having trouble selling your home, after taking these steps, you can also reduce the price.

Make your home memorable. Your biggest goal is to make sure the buyer is pleased and ready to make an offer. When you take these steps, you have a better chance of allowing them the chance to call it their next home!

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